Put into use one of the advantages we give you - rating of writers in terms of how trustworthy they are!

Do you know why many consumers will not hesitate to ask around about your business before buying? Do you also know that most of them will buy from you if whoever refers them to your business is someone they trust? The answer lies in the simple answer that most people are scared about the unknown. They ask around, read the consumer report magazine or ask for referrals from friends so that they have all the information they need before buying.

Online, most consumers depend on the raw customer reviews many e-commerce companies have in place. When your customers read reviews, they can morph an opinion about a given product while also checking out what other consumers say about the customer experience they received. Because most essay writing companies operate out of the norm of most e-commerce companies, we have created this platform to educate student consumers about their essay writing service providers.

Students as consumers on essay writing websites

There are many essay writing companies with websites on the web. Their numbers run into hundreds of thousands if not millions. This means that whenever students spend money on these websites getting essays, they’re automatically seen as consumers. We need to provide them with the information they may need when making buying decisions on these websites. This will not only boost their customer knowledge, but also make them smarter shoppers like the rest of the people who buy online.

Without knowledge you are nothing! Watch video about writing industry!

Why we review paper writing companies

Essay writing companies operate without an oversight body like the better business bureau or the consumer report magazine. Their customers have no way of telling that what they see on their website is what they will pay for, and ultimately receive. We decided to review these companies to be able to share a story from real customers who’ve used those services. If a company is bad, we caution them about it on this website.

How it works

arabcollege.net collects a lot of information about essay writing companies on the web. First, we ask customers of those essay writing companies to come here and rate their experience. This entails them rating a company based on its price, quality standards, and customer support. We also carry out an extensive search into each service providers to create a summary that describes them accurately. This way, our users will not only have a feeling of what other customers’ experiences were, but also gauge a company’s capacity with regards to their unique needs.